For those wondering where they can find the fake memorial signs I’ve hidden around downtown St. Thomas Ontario, here is the link to download the scavenger hunt I have prepared.

For those that would like the less time-consuming version where I post the images of the signs, keep scrolling!

I was a bit bored during an earlier lockdown so made these little memorial plaks for my town. I think it’s important to enlighten the public on critical events that have happened here. Because we’re not the only ones thrilled by toast.

Continuing the enlightening, I present Vikings. I’m sure they made it this far into the continent. Scary men with scary insults.

And because gerbils on their own are cute, but gerbils en-masse? Slightly terrifying. Enough to re-write our history.

You thought time-travel was a myth. Katherine was / will be here to prove you wrong. Wormholes are making a comeback.

Finding love is tricky. Getting Bobby Sanderson to kiss you? Even trickier. Poor Chrissy is still having a hard time of it, even years later. Maybe someday she’ll be able to re-make her own history.

Not to mention chain letters – the leading cause of death and destruction. Just the other day, I neglected to send one along. First it killed me, and then I didn’t receive a large amount of money that was coming to me. Finally, I lost out on a chance to meet my true love and my pancake burned before I remembered to flip it. Worst week ever. Thanks a lot, Franklin D. Stringer.

We take our sports very seriously here. And we don’t discriminate against animals – all are permitted to participate in our underground boxing matches. Watch your fingers though. They get bitey.

Those political pundits are hiding something. Probably something to do with the 3 rats, the coconut and that ball of string. The story has been going around – I’m sure you’ve heard it. Local artists were likely involved too.

So normally I’d say, that’s it, folks! But my brain didn’t turn off after finishing these, so I have a bunch more written, ready to find loving homes in this small Canadian town.

If you own a building here and are interested in hosting an Authentic Memorial Plak of Dubious Accuracy, please let me know!

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