Fly Geyser is a small geothermal geyser located on private land in Washoe County, Nevada, and is approximately 5 feet high by 12 feet wide (counting the mound it sits on). The geyser is covered with thermophilic algae, which flourishes in moist, hot environments, resulting in the multiple hues of green and red. Fly Geyser was accidentally created during well drilling in 1964 while exploring for sources of geothermal energy. Either the well wasn’t capped correctly or left unplugged, but either way, dissolved minerals started accumulating over the opening, creating the travertine mound that the geyser sits on. It continues to grow as mineral-rich water spouts up to 5 feet in the air before falling, coating the mound and staying in the terraces and 30+ pools surrounding it. I love all of the crazy colours of this place – maybe some day I’ll actually make it out there to see it in person. Until then, I have this little diorama to keep me company. 13” x 13” base.

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